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Re: dieletric strength question

150-200 V/mil is a good working number. Air is 70 V/mil.  It depends a lot
on the moisture content of the substrate.  So, 50 mils -at- 200V/mil gives you
a nice 10 kV... Should work.. (BTW, it's probably .0625 or so...) 

Creepage is probably a bigger problem.  The creepage path needs to be at
least 1 mil/20Volts (unless the voltage is <200 V). 

> From: Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
> Subject: dieletric strength question
> Date: Thursday, September 07, 2000 5:17 PM
> Original poster: jmonty-at-flash-dot-net 
> I had a friend pose me the following question that someone on the 
> list probably can answer off the top of his or her head.
> Here's the question.
> "I've made a capacitor out of double sided epoxy circuit board for 
> the cold end of the resonator in the two meter cavity amp. It needs 
> to take 3KV and just by looks I'd say it does. Guess as a last 
> resort I could hook it up to HV but my heart won't take many more 
> shotgun explosions going off in the shack.
> It measures .050, including the copper, which is a few mils."
> Any help in determining a ball park puncture voltage would be most 
> appreciated.
> Jeff Montgomery
> Palestine, Texas