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Re: Pole Pig Simulation

Hi David, 

Tesla list wrote: 
> Original poster: Tesla729-at-cs-dot-com 
> <snip> As I stated earlier to this list, it seems that most 
> pig coilers don't worry too much about PFC anyway, since there is ob- 
> viously plenty of power to spare from even a 5KVA pole pig, and since 
> a system this large will usually have a dedicated 240 volt/50 amp circuit. 
> It seems to me that 45 amps max is not a bad current draw for a system 
> of this magnitude, though IMHO. 
> My $.02, 
> David R.

True, most coilers running transformers with massive current ability don't
worry about PFC, but I haven't heard of many coilers running LTR pigs (a couple
maybe). It is appearing to me that STR pigs (like yours at 85nF) don't need any
PFC as the inductance of the ballast may be enough to help correct what appears
to be a small difference in resistive and reactive power (but this can only
occur IF the current is leading), but as the tank size gets near and over a
resonant sized cap, it may be beneficial to use a PFC. Too soon to say anything
for sure at this point. Simulations are nice and give a great picture, but
unforeseen problems may exist and possibly are found only with an actual
running coil. 

Another benefit of a pfc may be when running high break rates. I have no idea

Take care,