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Re: Caps Question:

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "David Trimmell" <davidt-at-pond-dot-net>
> Hi,
> I believe all ceramic "door knobs" are "DC" rated. I have used 30 KV 4000
> pF ones in service with 15 KV 120 neon and with a Vac tube coil, they do
> work, but are quite loosy at RF frequencys. They tend to heat up and drop
> in value, which can affect tuning.
> Yeh, MMC's are great.
> Regards,

	Agree with all of this, BUT the ceramic filter capacitors (the RF-rated
ones are out of sight in price) have a very low ESR and have given me
very good service as long as I kept my run times short and watched the
heating.  The capacitance drift with time (temperature) is very