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Re: 1500-3000 turn coils

david, dan, all
my basic thinking behind winding the 3000 turn secondary was
A:  i did want to get the inductance's as high as possible. from the posts
i had
read about this cutting gap losses and increasing efficiency, this sounded
like a
great idea, anything to get the most input into the output.
B:  i wanted to get more turns into the magnetic field, my thinking is that the
flux is there anyway so if i get more turns into it then more power will be
induced to begin with, then the resonant rise comes into play.
so i guess i am thinking along the lines of a transformer and maybe an
alternator, more windings to be in the flux when it breaks down? of coarse i
could be way off base thinking here, and if i am please correct me, but we
know how it works this weekend.
and to throw this in there, i have my new Pfc. caps installed on the
inductor and
the pt, i'll be doing some current tests with and without after i get things
tuned. if it doesn't burn, fry, melt, smoke or just sit there?
will keep all posted,    marc