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Re: 1500-3000 turn coils

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> Original poster: "Dan Kunkel" <dankunkel-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
>  Coil Enthusiasts,
>  With all this recent talk of "overwinding" secondaries i thought i'd like 
>  throw in a different explanation. not that i am tossing aside the more 
>  primary turns equates to less loss in the spark gap idea. but a Tesla Coil 
>  is still a transformer. not ALL the voltage rise that occurs because of 
>  resonance. there is still a portion that is caused by a simple turn to 
>  ratio.
>  so it's probably a combination of less loss in the gap and turn to turn 
>  voltage rise.  just a thought.
>  Dan


As the number of secondary turns is increased, the number of
primary turns has to be increasd also to keep the coil in tune
using a given cap size, so the turns ratio stays basically the same.

John Freau