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RE: help w/ homade line fil.

Hello Kevin: I understand. Thankfully I did not have the problem of money.
Although I did save a bunch using meci-dot-com.
Remember, corcom has a website and they post schematics of the guts of their
best filters. You could check your plan against theirs at no cost at all.

Safety First

Subject: Re: help w/ homade line fil.

Original poster: "Kevin D" <teslacoilfreak1-at-mediaone-dot-net> 

Hi Ted,

Jan accualy replied to my post,and I under stand that line filters are cheap
surplus but I have alot of line rated caps
and a box full of various inductors and stray cores and such
and I figured I could use the money saved by making my own could be put
towards things I can't make myself(money
is very tight)
anyway thanks for the insight and concern.

Kevin D.