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RE: potential sync. motor

Hi Marc:

I hope you have some other use for this motor.  If the speed is 11000 RPM,
there's no way this can be converted to the required 1800 or 3600 RPMs
necessary for a sync RSG.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

Original poster: "Metlicka Marc" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net> 

i just thought i'd let you know, there is an exact duplicate of the
blower assembly i scavenged for a 1/3 hp motor for my sync. gap on ebay.
this motor is very tight, with zero end play, good bearings and a
compact package with a nice 3" aluminum disk set screwed to the shaft.
these blowers produce an amazing amount of air with a turbine type
blower spinning at 11000 rpm. the item number is #425838678, i generally
don't point out things on ebay, after all doesn't everyone scan for
"wish list" items, but this motor and blower is so well built i felt i
had too.