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Re: secondary comparisons

>, i was wondering if maybe a comparison for
>  diameters increasing output would help? my thinking is that if i was to
>  wrap a 10" form too 32.4" length, using the same wire (28g) this would
>  give me 378mh inductance. 8mh difference from the 8"-at-40" secondary, also
>  this would give me 37.37khz on the 10", .03hz difference from the 8"
>  coil. all other things being equal between the two.
>  has anyone done a comparison of this? would it be of interest to anyone?


I read your mail too quickly before, and answered differently on
the list, but yes; your idea above seems like a good one.  By keeping
the frequency and inductance about the same, you'll be controlling for
those parameters.  This comparison should show if a wider coil is
better or not, and how much better for the same general F and L.

John Freau