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secondary comparisons

hi all,
a status report and a question.
the primary for the 3k turn secondary is awaiting 100' of 1/8" copper
tube to arrive from mc master car. it's funny how you can see coils of
the stuff in every store you go into until you need some? but it should
arrive by thursday and i hope to fire first light by Saturday?
my question is, since i really don't see anyway to make a direct
comparison to the added turns, i was wondering if maybe a comparison for
diameters increasing output would help? my thinking is that if i was to
wrap a 10" form too 32.4" length, using the same wire (28g) this would
give me 378mh inductance. 8mh difference from the 8"-at-40" secondary, also
this would give me 37.37khz on the 10", .03hz difference from the 8"
coil. all other things being equal between the two.
has anyone done a comparison of this? would it be of interest to anyone?

i really wanted to show any benefits of double the turns from the norm
but, as many have tried to think of a way to do it, with more astute
minds then i possess, it seems there is no easy solution.
any info on the pro's or con's with this will be greatly appreciated,
thank you in advance,   mem