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unwanted breakout

  Hi all,

  I've been wanting to see the "single streamer" phenomenon using a
spherical topload (thanks Dave!), but here's the problem.

  I'm running a 3" diameter metal sphere on a 2" PVC form.  ~1000 turns of
32ga wire.  A 9/60 with 12.9nf.  Sync gap -at-240bps.  Once tuned, it runs
beautiful, tons of streamers, but a goodly chunk of them are coming off of
the top turn of the secondary. :(  That's robbing a lot of power.   Would a
toroid to help shield the top windings be possible and still get the
discharge from the sphere?

  Also, how in the world do you secure a foil-wrapped basketball to the top
of a secondary?  (don't want to try this on the 2" form, but maybe on the 4"