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Re: PFC, why ?

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> Original poster: "Jeroen Kooiman" <jkooi-at-wish-dot-net> 
>  Hi all,
>  I didn't put in a PFC, is that a problem or not ?
>  I also don't know the reson for it, where it should be placed, and it's
>  function, can someone explain that to my please ?


PFC cap goes across the input to the transformer (in parallel).
It's purpose is to correct the power factor, in other words to put
the voltage and current in phase.  This reduces the VA input but
does not affect the power input.   However it does help efficiency
by reducing input copper wire power losses.  It will not really give
a noticeable spark length increase, but reduces the current draw
from your mains.  This is esp helpful if you don't have enough
current available from your mains.  PFC is most needed in NST
powered TC's.  Pig or PT coils often have a reasonable power
factor anyway even with out PFC, if they are adjusted (ballasted)

JOhn Freau