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Re: More tube coil stuff (Carl Willis)...

Hi John, Carl and list,

I have used a 600 Volt 20 amp Triac that actually outlasted a like SCR. But 
certainly just a fluke, as a SCR has the more robust junction (it is still 
functional to this day).

I will agree with John, you new 833 will probably not get you much longer 
sparks. I have had some older pulls that were towards the end of there life 
(ha! they at least found a fiery way out!) that do not give as good 
performance, but usually the difference is only a couple inches of spark.

You mention your concern for the 555 (556) Staccato timer circuit in this 
employ, don't be. They (555's) are quit robust, as long as you use the RF 
bypass caps, they will work great. Now I have lost several 74LS123's though.


David Trimmell

At 10:47 AM 9/3/00, you wrote:
>Original poster: FutureT-at-aol-dot-com
>In a message dated 9/2/00 6:45:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
> > What is needed is an SCR that can handle about
> >  20 - 40 amps and 600 volts...that kind of fat.
>In a pinch, you can use a 600 volt TRIAC.  They're not as robust
>as the SCR, but I've used them successfully up to about 29" sparks.
>I forget what the current rating was.  Over 29" sparks they short
>out,  ho ho ho !!   I had gotten a few of them for free, so I didn't
>worry about them.  BOOOM  BANG  FIZZLE      :)  I use SCR's
>I'm make a guess that your new 833A will give about the same
>spark length as the old one     :)
>John Freau