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Re: Biggg coil's opening night

>> Also, I'm having 4 to 5 disscharges at all times regardless of 
>> and a breakout rod hung off the toroid, bigger toroid needed.
>Huh? Can you clarify?


  By that I mean, at any one time there are many streamers 8 to 10' long.
 I need a bigger top capacitance to hold back the  multiple streamers for
one or two longer breakouts. 
 My main concern is the current vs. voltage input.  I'll try a different
transformer today.

  I do have varible inductance, but there seems to be no "sweet spot" to
get the voltage up & current down.  This morning I've cranked up the
ballast and got the voltage way down, but current stays high.  I have
notice the capacitor charging current with no spark gap operation high. 
This is the first time I have used this high of capacitance.(0.173uF) 
This may just be a normal condition for this value?

Kevin E.

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