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winding the primary almost done...

thanks all,

i took a few suggestions here and there and used the ones that seemed easy
but dont look like a Hackjob :) i finaly figured out i atleast need a way to
hold down the windings. there are people in my household but they are very
unable, (brother,mom,dad, maybe the dog) so after trying the things i had
sitting around(fishingline,bad idea, kite strin, thats another) i used some
good ol 22awg sold wire form radio shack. it is stiif so i can just twist.
yay... it still dousent look as good as alot or those ou ther but it is good
anuff. i cant figure out how everyone has it so nicely in place. i know
about the tie idea but i thought that would be alittle too hard a then i
would also have to get a ride to home depot. so.....

does anyone know how i can hold it in place permitinly? i thought some
silocon or maybe epoxy but epoxy is real messy and they just yells HACKJOB
right there. anyideas "except the cable ties"?

also about variacs what do you people think the current sould be i am just
using a 9KV 60ma transformer.

about the transformer it dousent seem to have a RF ground and i know notin
about the Xformer except that it is 9kv 60 ma. i think i might just have to
drive a bolt in any specic place for you outhere that took the time to
umpott your xfoormers.

thanks alot,