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Re: Biggg coil's opening night


> dusk.  The 2' x 10' secondary with 7' dia toroid, stands 12' above
> ground.

The coil(s) should be higher off the ground. Try to get the primary
off the ground by at least it's o.d..

> Performance is not up to snuff yet.  I'm having problems with
> the voltage/current relationship with the high voltage transformer.  I've
> only been able to get 150 volts into the primary at over 100 amps.  A
> large range of inductive ballasting was used.  

Are you using a variable inductor?

>  Max spark has been 14' to a ladder and the spark was not played out,
> quite heavy in current.

14' is not bad for a start.

> Also, I'm having 4 to 5 disscharges at all times regardless of coupling
> and a breakout rod hung off the toroid, bigger toroid needed.

Huh? Can you clarify?