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The ignition coil driver circuit again!!!!

Well, I have just come across one other problem - the 2N3055 transistor has
just burned out. I'm not sure if this was the heat or it was a power surge.
Whenever I try to use it now it buzzes quietly (like normal), but it gets VERY
hot VERY quickly, and no power comes out of the coil.
I thought about putting a cap over the transistor Collector and Emitter to
supress surges. I have the following - could someone tell me what would be
suitable, if any of them?
10000uF 16v Electrolytic
220uF 35V Electrolytic
0.1uF 50v Ceramic (I don't think so!)
Any ideas?
Please reply quickly if you have the time - as I want to get this working
properly before I burn out any more! They are not cheap!
Many thanks to all!