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Re: The AC Ground

Hi Ted,

	The two insulated terminals on each side of the filter are for the "hot"
and "nuetral wires" (black and white).  The green ground wires all go to
the case ground stud.  That stud should be connected to the AC wiring
ground.  all other "AC stuff" that needs to be grounded can also be hooked
there.  The RF ground should go to a ground rod.  Some filters have ground
studs on both sides but they try to save money by using just one...


At 09:13 AM 9/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I will be wiring my first coil starting tonight and finishing tomorrow.
>I have a 37A Corcom EMI filter wired backwards between the NST AC input and
>the AC receptacle interlock.
>The filter's 3 terminal LINE goes to the NST white, black and green
>the filter's 2 terminal LOAD goes to the AC interlock.
>Do I connect the metal case of the filter to the AC interlock ground pin?
>Sorry, but I need a quick answer (yes/no) quickly  :)
>Pray for First Light on Sunday.
>and how do you cook hot dogs using a coil? 
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