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Re: anybody else fried a variac

if i'm understanding your situation right, it sounds like all is not
lost for your unit. could you give the make and model of the veriac so i
could possibly get an exploded view of it? from your explanations, it
sounds like the actual windings are not burnt, is this correct? if this
is somewhat the same style as my powerstat q116, of coarse mine were
400hz units that i put 60hz cores into, but the wiper assembly sounds
about the same. give us some numbers and maybe i or someone else on the
list have some parts to get it back together? i have found that it seems
the most expensive part to replace on a veriac is the wiper brush, for
example, on my variac unit  W10HG3M a replacement core cost's $64.00,
but for a replacement wiper brush the cost is $45.00. and as always, the
core can be rewound or taped for a ballast inductor, i'm still learning
the fundamentals of how these work, so questions on this app. will have
to be directed towards those that have experience here.