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Re: anybody else fried a variac

Ok, sorry to hear it burned on you. but  under the wire is still a very nice
toroid so you could wind 200-300 turns of heavy wire thru it with taps and
still use it for ballast. cul brian
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Subject: anybody else fried a variac

> Original poster: jmonty-at-flash-dot-net
> Burned up my first variac last night and was wondering if they can
> be rebuilt. I think it was rated at about 15 amps and since I bought
> it used I am not sure what condition it was in in the first place.
>  I took the rotating plate with the carbon contact off and it looks like
> the fingers that connect the rotating part to the stationary ring on
> the main body are burnt back pretty badly. The ring  that these
> fingers contact looks  a little burnt too.
> Sure hate to add it to the scrap bin. (Got a 25amp that I'm gonna
> use but I need a spare.)
> Thanks for the comments
> Jeff Montgomery
> Palestine, Texas