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RE: Program needed!!!

I'm using a modified Sonderman Excel Spreadsheet that does most of that.
(It has a really cool MMC part).
Check out QTC.XLS at
You can hop over to Brian's page at
and grab the Excel sheet that calculates mechanical dwell time for RSGs (for
what it's worth).
Feel free to add the 2nd program to a tab in the 1st and modify it in any
other way that makes you happy.

I'm completely sold on spreadsheets as the best method to handle lumped TC
modeling.  You have it all - formulas, pretty interface, ability to modify,
add notes, text, etc.

If you want the easiest to use TC program check out Coppersmith's WinTesla.
(I think he recently discontinued offering WinTesla for free.  I may be
wrong on this...)

The actual math behind lumped modeling of TCs is pretty straight foward.  It
wouldn't be too hard to write one from scratch or even do the math on paper.
I think it would actually give a lot of coilers some valuable insight if
they looked into what is involved in the formulas and understood a little
bit of the history behind them.  I know it gave me a lot of satisfaction
when I finally broke down and spent a few evenings on this (don't get me
wrong, I still dig making big flaming arcs a lot more than playing with
math, it guess it just made me feel more complete or something).

Happy Coiling,

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Hi Mike,

I want to point out that all my stuff is free and public domain so everyone
feel free to incorporate it into their programs.  I will try to help with



At 10:44 PM 10/9/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> Attention Programmers Of the TC List...
> We really need a decent windows based full TC calculator!!! I'm sick of
> running every numerical deviation through  teryy's power handling calcs
> whatnot... It would be great if you could slap something togather which
> do all the standard tc CAD calcs plus rsg electrode bps, dwell time, speed
> well as MMc power handling calcs...
> none of that darn the formula torpedos crap, these calcs really help
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,
> -Mike