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Note the unusual subject for this thread. When replying, please cut out the
parts of the subject you're not referring to. I'm simply trying out a way to
condense my messages...
Does anyone know a good supplier of motor run caps for PFC applications? I
looked aound and they can be quite pricey, if you can find big ones... I'd like
to try and cut my current draw down to at least 60% of the uncorrected draw. 
I'll be running off of two 12/90 NSTs (modified of course) for a total of
12/180... I ordered 150 of those Hosfelt snubbers which should be here next
week. Is putting 14 in series a bit too cautious as far as voltage goes? Does
anyone know what the ac rating is on these things? They're like 3000vdc -at- 0.1uF
each...  They're axial lead, so would I need to account for any extra spacing
due to their poor surrounding insulation? I'd hate to have to cover these
things with sillycone and whatnot to stop arcing...
If i ran an LTR setup with the 12/180 driving a 60nF cap with an SRSG, what
size secondary should i use? I was thinking of 4"x24" wound with #22 wire, but
I'm leaning more towards 8"x40" with #22... What do you think? 
Like i said, i'll be using a SRSG. Mike W., Sam Beck and I will all be sharing
a big peice of g-10 phenolic for the rotor... How would one go about making a
copper (or likewise) ring to connect the electrodes on either side of the disk?
Will a 6" disk be big enuf to handle 2kW?! Also, do srsg motors need line
Much thanks for any insights...
<BTW- if you have any info which might be slightly off-topic, email me at
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