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Re: Optimum toroid size

In a message dated 10/9/00 6:21:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla-at-pupman-dot-com 

>  If I have a toroid with a breakout point and streamers don't occur, then I
>  conclude that the top-load capacitance is too large.  If I have a toroid
>  with a breakout point and *multiple* streamers occur (I want only one), 
>  I conclude the top-load capacitance is too small.  But I don't believe ROC
>  of the top-load is a major consideration.  Is this thinking incorrect?
>  Gary Lau
>  Waltham, MA USA


In some cases, I seem to be able to get longer sparks without
the breakout point.  For my 42" sparks from the 4" by 13" toroid,
I get the same spark length with or without the breakout bump.
But when I increase the power to give a 48" spark or so, I can
get the 48" spark only without the breakout bump.  At least it
seems to be that way.  I haven't really done a lot of work testing
(comparing) this.  My feeling is that ROC is important.  In one
test, I put a flat disc on top of the TC which had a large capactance
but a small ROC.  I got multiple short sparks.  Since ROC 
controls the number of streamers, and their length, it would 
seem to be important ??

John Freau