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My coil to be...

Primary:   32" OD, 10.5" ID, 18 turns 3/8" OD copper tube.

MMC:       11 modules available of 11 each 0.022uF 1600Vdc panasonic caps 
w/bleeders, more modules to be built.

Secondary: 23" winding of #22 wire on 4" ID sch 40 PVC.

Toroid:    Waiting on the commercial spun 6"'ers, till then might go with 
metalized foam, or dryer duct- recommendations?

Power Supply: NSTs Available-
                           1 - 12kV 60mA Allanson, depotted, not tested
                           4 - 12kV 30mA Jefferson, make nice J's Ladder
                           1 - 12kV 30mA Jefferson, not tested
                           2 - 15kV 30mA Jefferson
                           2 - 15kV 30mA Franceformer
                           1 - 15kV 30mA Transco (resin)
                           1 - 12kV 30mA Transco (resin)

Parts for NST filter also on hand.

How am I doing so far?

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