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Re: Hello everyone!

     Hello Ashish!
     I think you are our only member on the Indian Subcontinent, but I 
     could be wrong.
     If you can't find an NST, another source is microwave oven 
     transformers.  These may be easier to find.  I have not used them so I 
     am not a good person to give you advice about them, but others on the 
     list have had success.  I believe one common setup is to use two in 
     series to increase the voltage and a third to provide current 
     limiting.  I'm just swinging in the dark here, so definitely do more 
     research on MOTs.
     Also, they do not have internal current limiting, so be REALLY 
     careful, or they will kill you dead:(  I don't know anything about 
     ignition coils either.
     I do know dimmers usually can't handle much current.  I would avoid 
     The cap size depends on the voltage and current of the transformers.  
     I would get either the cap or the transformer, and size one to the 
     other, whichever is easiest.
     If there is insulation between the strands of your primary wire, that 
     might not be such a good choice.  I have heard of people using coaxial 
     cable.  Copper refrigerator tube should not be too hard to find 
     either, either from a hardware store or an appliance repair shop.  You 
     can also use copper or aluminum ribbon, or just a really thick wire 
     like welding cable.  If the wire is insulated it's just a pain in the 
     ass to tap the primary, because you have to scrape off the insulation 
     to attach the tap point.  This is why people use the bare copper 
     good luck!

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Subject: Hello everyone!
Author:  "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at INTERNET
Date:    10/8/00 3:45 PM

Original poster: "Ashish Bhat" <ashish_bhat-at-softhome-dot-net> 
Hello list!
    I have recently joined this list and find it wonderful.  I am a 16 year
old and would like to have some help for my first tc.
    First of all I live in India (ahmedabad).  I wasn't successful in
finding a NST.  Does anyone in the list live in India or know where to find 
a NST.
    I thought I'd rather make my coil using 3-4 similiar Ignition coils with
their output in parallel and the input controlled by dimmer circuit.  Will 
this be a good idea?  In that case what cap size should I use?
    Also can I use a thick multi-stranded copper wire for the primary?
Thanks in advance for any advice
Ashish Bhat