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Huge Cap Possibility

One of my clients makes a product by laminating aluminum foil and
plastic together.
It is used as the shielding for network cabling.
I realize that they use mylar which would not be good for Tesla use, but 
we could spec any material.

The resultant product comes off in "Mill Rolls". the laminate wound on
large rolls approx 4 ft in diameter by 5 foot long and a nice tight
wind.  When I look at these things I see a huge capacitor.


If we were to make a capacitor by this method,
what would the materials be (polyethylene?)
what would the thickness of the materials have to be?
 I assume the construction would be foil,film,foil
what kind of capacitance would it have and what type of power?
How would we best terminate the connections
How big of a coil could it power (Avalon guys, I'm thinking of you here)

I would assume the whole assembly would be immersed in oil and

Does this sound plausible?

<< Jim >>

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