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Re: Big Capacitor?

 A bit off topic, but hopefully within reason.

  These are DC caps used to stiffen the supply of power to the
big-wattage amps.  It takes the "sudden load" off of the alternator
when the big-bass hits happen.  Keeps the headlights from dimming
(as much) when the bass really sucks all the power up from the amp.
A few farads at 16v is a very common number. I have 3 16v 64000mfd
caps here next to me.  They are useless for TC work, but do a great
job at blowing up small pieces of wire, of delivering a super-nasty
flash/bang if shorted.  I run them in parallel and have fun
watching the wires (2 helical coils, placed next to each other)
jump an inch or so when I short the caps.  They heat up fast in
that useage.  But for stiffening the supply for my surround-sound
sub's amp, they work wonders!!!  Think of it as PFC for the amp ;)
You'd really be amazed what a mofset-based amp can draw.  But as
with solid-state vs toobs...a nice warm 833a would push the sub
just as hard (if not better!), and provide a nice comforting light
to read by ;)

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>Original poster: CTCDW-at-aol-dot-com
>One and 2 farad caps are typically used in car audio applications,
>I'm not sure exactly what they do...Its a filter of some sort, I
think. The 1
>farad I saw was about 3" in Dia, and 10" long with a 15VDC rating