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Re: Big Capacitor?

Actually, I have seen car audio caps available in 15 farad versions...
20,000 joule energy storage.  The cost is somewhere areound $500 I believe.
The purpose of these caps is not as a filter, but as energy storage for the
amplifiers, to take stress off the alternator.  For instance, a 2000 watt
peak in the music, at 14.4 volts, the current drawn would be 138.8 amps, for
more than most alternators are capable of supplying.  Typically wire used on
these caps is 4 or 2 awg.  Of course, these caps are completely unsuitable
for standard TC use, who knows about SS possiblities... 20,000 joule
discharge?  Are there even solid state components capable of switching that?

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> There are audio caps in the 2 farad range at like 16 volts.They look about
> foot tall and 3 in diam.
> matt