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Re: On this PFC cap for NST

Hi Tyler,

At 10:20 PM 10/7/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>Im a little confused.
>These are the silver Start caps for motors??????

Yes, but we have to be sure to use the "run" or "continuous duty" types.
The "start" caps only run for about a minute before they overheat.  The
"run" types go forever.  Run caps are usually smaller value and higher
price compared to the start caps since they have far better construction.

>They go before the NST. inbetween the wall power and the NST?????


>Are these in parellel or in series???????

The are simply put in parrallel (directly across) the NST terminals.

>Does it affect the output power on the NST or the TC.   Better or worse.  

No, but the arc length my increse do to lower line losses in the AC wireing
due to the far lower current being drawn.

>does it simply reduce the power draw on your line keeping your bill lower?

They reduce the current drastically which can keep you from blowing
breakers and reduce the load on the variacs, switches, etc...  In my case,
I can run my big TC and sync motor off a 15 amp 120 circuit easily.  Your
electric bill will not be affected since the total KWH is tiny compared to
other houshold apliances.  Also, the current is "reactive" so it will not
show up on a typical residential meter anyway... 

>Im assume that if there is no affect on output power, and it reduces the
>amount of power that your house, or whatever, has to put out.  Anyone that
>uses a NST should be using these caps.

You certainly don't have use them but things are a bite happier when you
do.  If your blowing fuses and breakers or running a lot of power, the
lower current draw can be very nice.  My coil went from 16 amps to 8 and in
some cases you can drop the current to 1/3...



>Just some thoughts.