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Re: PFC's gooooood...

Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "John Morawa" <morawaj-at-interaccess-dot-com>
> Hey coilers,
> I just received my order of some motor running caps today from USA
> manufacturing http://www.usamfg-dot-net/ that someone on this list recently
> recomended.  When I checked my 15/30 NST a few weeks ago it was drawing
> about 8 amps!  I checked it today prior to adding some PFC caps.  It was
> down to about 6.5 amps.  Must have been more tuning I did since the prior
> check I guess.  Anyhow, I added 40 ufd (170vac) PFC caps one at a time to
> the NST primary.  Each cap I added reduced the current by about 1.5 - 2
> amps.  I stopped adding caps once I hit 120ufd (3 caps).  With these 3 caps
> my current draw was hovering between 1.8 and 2 amps with an occasional low
> end of 1.7 and a high of 2.2 amps.  From messages on the list I did not
> expect this much of a reduction but am very pleased with the results.  Not
> to sound cocky but as far as efficiency goes is 2.2 amps line draw from my
> 15/30 NST system that puts out sparks into air about 34" and has given me a
> max to ground of 39.5" kicken some major butt or what?  Looks like lt's time
> to replace my fuse with a smaller one.  Thanks again to John Freau the
> "efficiency guy" for all his tips.
> http://communities.msn-dot-com/WeaselsTeslaCoil
> Have a good day,
> John M.

	Are you saying your line current was only 2.2 amps WHILE you were
generating 34" "sparks"?????????