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Hi Mike,

  HDPE won't last too long under that kind of useage, and I thought
I'd never run a coil for more than a minute, but I push 2-3 minute
runs on an 1800 watt system on a normal basis.  I use 1/4"
polycarbonate (Palsun brand) for my rotary discs.  Anybody doubting
the solidity of this stuff should attack it with a hammer.  It's
nearly indestructable.  I've also found that my rotary gap doesn't
get too hot (the flying electrodes) so much as the stationary
electrodes do.  So hit home depot, grab the smallest sheet of 1/4"
polycarbonate you can find (or lexan, it works just as well), and
go for it.  A drill press isn't essential to the process, but it
makes it a *whole* lot easier and more accurate.  My discs now
barely are off balance, and the 4" electrode diameter, 4.5" disc
(yes, only 4"!), works at 120bps on my 1800 watt setup with *no*
problems.  I'm only using a tiny .3A motor on it also.  At low
powerlevels, powerarcing is of little concern, so a 4" disc runs

                            Hope that helps!

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>Original poster: "Mike Waddick" <Mike_W_-at-hotmail-dot-com>
>hey all,
>i was wondering if it is possable to use HDPE for the disk on my
SRSG? i will
>not be running it for over a 1 min. ever.
>thanks alot,