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Re: chokes

  Though I really don't know how it works and why, but I've heard a few
times now (partially from the list), that chokes cause more harm than good.
I have yet to replace mine with a better setup, and I wish I could remember
off the top of my head who told me about the chokes so I could refer you to
him.  My ignorance aside, I wanted to ask if your dimmer switches were rated
high enough to handle the power draw from your ignition coil.  I burned up a
600W (standard) dimmer switch with my 15kV60ma NST.  No surprise there.  I
use 1000W dimmers now with built in RF filters, one for each NST if I use
more.  Cost me $40 each at Home Depot, but I had money in my pocket and it
was burning a hole.  Again..wish I could help with the choke issue, but I'm
fairly clueless on how they work.  I do what I read and follow instincts.
Take care and be safe.

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I have been messing with my little ignition coil setup with the light
dimmer and i keep burning them up.  I thought about how people put safety
gaps and rf chokes on the lines of their regular size coils and i thought
that maybe i had the same problem with rf getting back through the lines???
If i were to make my own chokes how would i go about doing that.  I have
seen pictures of chokes on peoples web pages where they say that they have
wraped wire around pvc pipe and made air chokes.  Would that work, could i
wrap it on a small piece kind of like winding it on a toroidial coil?  What
kind of wire would i want to use?  How would i calculate inductance and
stuff like that.  What are the advantages of winding it like so ------  or
toroidial 0?

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