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Re: ero cap question

I've had similar experience with a number of caps and with this MMC when I
tried to use it as a LTR.

Any setting higher than slightly below what should be the resonant point for
my NST caused that same rat tat tat sound in the spark gap as well as the
coil output. I do have bleeder resisters on it too.

It might have something to do with how I have my coil wired. Instead of the
classical design where the cap is in parallel with the NST and the spark gap
is in series with the Primary coil, I have the SPARK GAP in parallel with
the NST and the primary and cap in series with eachother but in parallel
with the NST.

I found this different wiring produced the same output at the classical
wiring BUT the caps ran MUCH MUCH COOLER!!

Just for giggles I am going to try to draw this thing

here is the classic design as I remember it. ...

N = the high tension wires from the NST
C = the cap.
S = Spark Gap
P = Primary winding
s = Secondary

        C      S  s
        C      P  s

My design is ...

        S     C s
        S     P s

Odd design, but it sure seems to produce the same output but keep the caps

For example, just four seconds of operation made the two 20kv 500 pf
transmitting doorknob caps HOT to the point that they almost hurt to touch.

The design I have now allows me to get the same output, run the thing for
almost a minute and the caps are only slighly warm.

As for your coil, it seems that for some reason, the NST isn't charging the
caps fast enough.

I noted this when I switched to an old Franceformer.

You wouldn't be using a Franceformer would you? Maybe the current is feeding
back through the NST rather than storing in the caps?

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> to all,
> after the recent cap sale of the ERO caps, i decided to hook the ones i
> have like this into a string for tesla duty. mine are (ero, v5,  mkp
> 1845, .22uf, 1000v) they came from a couple V max star motor drives
> taken out of service couldn't have the whole drive but i could gut it,
> go figure? i have 11 singles so i hooked them all in series for 11kv-
> 20nf string.
> the odd thing is that when i hooked them to my 12\30 nst, test coil,
> they fired like a anti aircraft gun? rattattat? nothing smooth about
> these things firing, i didn't use bleeder resisters and was wondering if
> anyone has a clue as to why these seemed to charge slowly or something?
> streamer length was not that bad but no matter how close i set the gap
> they just wouldn't smooth out?
> i'm really curios about this?
> marc