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ero cap question

to all,
after the recent cap sale of the ERO caps, i decided to hook the ones i
have like this into a string for tesla duty. mine are (ero, v5,  mkp
1845, .22uf, 1000v) they came from a couple V max star motor drives
taken out of service couldn't have the whole drive but i could gut it,
go figure? i have 11 singles so i hooked them all in series for 11kv-
20nf string.
the odd thing is that when i hooked them to my 12\30 nst, test coil,
they fired like a anti aircraft gun? rattattat? nothing smooth about
these things firing, i didn't use bleeder resisters and was wondering if
anyone has a clue as to why these seemed to charge slowly or something?
streamer length was not that bad but no matter how close i set the gap
they just wouldn't smooth out?
i'm really curios about this?