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Re: BIG DUMMY Accident

I kinda have to laugh seeing all these lists about people who are obsessed
with safety being "hit" so frequently. As much as most folks discourage
taking arcs and whatnot, I find it okay wihtin limits. Like, for instance,
my chem teacher has a solid state tc for testing neon tubes. Today he used
it to ignite a plasma tube to demonstrate electron beam diflection. Anyhow,
the first thing he did was show us how it made such high voltages (1" arc
probably like the ignition coil capacitor dimmer scheme) He let it arc to
himself directly (no metal contacts on his end) I thought for sure that
would give some sort of rf burn or something, but i simply had to see for
myself. When he asked jokingly for any volunteers, i was, of course, the
first (only) person to stand up. I've taken small arcs to a metal spoon from
a small TC before,  and let me tell you, this was QUITE different. It was
comparable to a small flyback setup. It hurt but surprisingly didn't leave
any marks...
The point of this little anecdote is that you should only do something of
this nature if someone else shows you firsthand that it can be done safely.
Just don't be the person that proves them wrong.
Somehow i don't think he beleived me when i told him i made one that made 5
foot arcs : 
I love these classes where i'm the only person who, thoughout the whole
lecture know what a tesla coil is, and on the test as well.
btw- you don't have to be a "BIG DUMMY" to do something stupid, just ask my
science teacher :)

Please be careful, and let's try not to see anymore of these kind of threads
about how dumb we all are...
Safety First,
(obviously not MY motto)