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Re: tesla coil funds

Hi Jeremiah,

Like my wife is always looking for the clearance rack in the dept.
store, many of us coilers are always on the prowl for surplus HV
goodies. Example: A new 10 kVA pole pig will normally cost in
the $400 to $600 range but I obtained mine rebuilt at a transformer
rebuilder for $270 and it looked like brand new when I picked it up.
But then Surplus Sales of Nebraska sales so-called surplus 10 kVA
dry pole pigs for nearly $1000. SO you have to shop around. And 
most NSTs  cost well over $100 each new, but can be picked used
and still functional at local neon sign shops in larger towns for $10 to
$30 ea. From my personal experience, even surplus commercial pulse
capacitors, like Maxwells, are really hard to find at a reasonable price.
On ebay, they quickly shoot up past what I'm normally willing to pay.
That's why the MMCs are really becoming popular in the small to me-
dium Tesla coil systems. Keeping tuned to this list or ebay will enable
you to occasionally find some real good deals on Tesla related items,
too. Hope this helps you out.

Coiling in Memphis,
David Reiben