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Re: tesla coil funds

Hi Jerimiah,

At 09:09 PM 10/6/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Where do you people get all your money for this expensive hobby?  

In my case... I am a senior electrical engineer and I am single....  I got
cash, but little time...

>I see
>people buying all this expensive stuff in their websites and then they
>break it and go out and buy more (commercial pulse caps).  What kind of
>jobs do some of you people have?  Can you get people to sponsor you?  

No... but I do sponsor some of my own pet projects like Garry's recent EMMC
cap experiment which has proven to be very fun!!!!!

>you get some of this stuff from where you work.  

Some of the stuff I do at work is tied to this and I am a frequent "bottom
feeder" at the bottom of the scrap metal bin at work :-))  We deal with
high power caps often so the MMC and poly cap stuff here and what I do at
work have much in common.  Nothing of 'value' there but the data basses at
work have often come in handy...  Actually, the work side has benefited far
more from some of this than the Tesla hobby side has dollar wise since such
info has translated to big bucks saved at work due to improvements and
"knowledge" added to the high power equipment there...  I think it is
called "synergy" :-))  It is sort of embarrasing that I have to bring some
stuff home for testing since "I" have better equipment in some cases than
work does :-))

>I personally have to wait
>a week till my next paycheck to buy things like a fuse or something.

Been there, done that...  My fabulous IGTUSOA entry took about a month's
pay to build at the time...  Senior college kid running out of money
fast...  Ho ho, ha ha, he he... that still hurts :-)))

I guess some of use just have this Tesla coil stuff in our genes or
something and we will never quit...