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RE: A good tesla book

Mal -

Unfortunately you have missed at least one of the several good books on the
market. The Tesla Coil Construction Guide shows how to build five different
size coils that work because they have been built by myself and other
coilers and found to produce sparks. Of course you have to follow directions
and not make changes unless you understand how the Tesla coil works.

You have an advantage for a beginner because you are a HAM and will learn

John Couture


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Hi Herwig- sorry to pick on you !

I have only joined the list last week

About five years ago I tried to build a few small coils, but whatever I
They did not work !

This was after I read J. O'Neils book about Dr Tesla

I do understand about RF and electronics, coils, caps etc I am a fully

I was wondering if you know if there is a good book on building small coils

I have been to all the sites on coils and there only seems to be part

discriptions, nobody seems to publish a finished coil that works

Regards and all the best

Mal head