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Hi Garry,

        Simply send me the blown individual caps and jumper across the empty
positions.  A hidden advantage of this cap is that you can clip and jumper blow
caps and be right back coiling again.  I have no use to see working caps ;-))


has 56 left as part number P10516-ND but the price is getting golly darn high!



At 08:52 AM 10/6/2000 -0700, you wrote: 
> My MMC fried and I am trying to order some caps to make my own, betweeen
> .0057 and .01 uF but I can't find any.
> Nobody has any in stock!!
> All I want is about 20 caps, so when I have to send mine back to Terry, I
> don't have to be without a tesla coil for days.
> Anyone have caps to sell? 
> Anyone know where I can get some from a place that has them?
> I've been searching for hours and I got to get to work and I don't want to
> search all day like this.
> I'd like to get them online or via a toll free number and right now, I don't
> care if I have to order them from the other side of the country.