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Re: re re Shock House Update...

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Ted Rosenberg" <Ted.Rosenberg-at-radioshack-dot-com>
> Hi Scot:
> You said you are running three 15/30s for the first coil. You are only
> getting 24-30" streamers with 90mA? Hmmm. My 60mA does that. And I know it
> is not at peak tune.

Hi Ted ...

i have a variac on the smaller coil keeping the streamer length down due to the
Fire Marshalls request...

it seems that he is worried about the streamers contacting the surrounding
materials and causing problems
( the coil is capable of an easy 48" streamer when semi-tuned at full variac
power  ... i once pulled 55" with a grounded wire on a 8' hot stick :)   )

Scot D