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NST questions/problem?

Hello all
I seem may have a slight problem with my 15/30
(franceformer)  NST.  I unpotted it, took the whole
thing apart, got all the tar off and put it back
togeather. It buzzes A LOT now, and if i let it run
unconnected to anything for a few seconds, i start to
smell ozone.  I thought that was because i unpotted
it, so the plates could move more freely, and there
was no tar to dampen the sound, and obviously i
couldnt smell the ozone b/c it wasent exposed to air,
so i put the thing in a plastic box w/ a linecord and
switch, you know made it look nice.  I grounded
everything, but when i flip the switch i sware i can
feel the buzz eletcricaly in my skin.  No part of the
transformer is close enough to the switcc to do that,
except the mabey ground lead, but i dont think that
would do it.  Any ideas, or am i paranoid and
immagining stuff.

heres how i have it set up

      __________/ _________ |    |  ------  
plug                        | NST|   hv out    
      __________/__________ |  | |  --------- 

Thanks, Tom

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