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Re: What Tesla knew, was Magnifiers vs. normal TC's, was secondary wavelength

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> Original poster: "Albert Hassick" <uncadoc-at-juno-dot-com> 
>  Gee Ed!  I only know what I read, and I take all that I read with a grain
>  of salt.  Tesla was not a "deity" .   He was a man with thoughts light
>  years ahead of what we know today.  I was not there when Tesla made his
>  experiments in any of his labs.  But neither were you!  But his surviving
>  work and patents speak for themselves.  All that he knew was not
>  preserved for us in writing.  All I know is what I see around me.  And I
>  see everywhere in our world the actual effects of Tesla's work.  And
>  every time I fire up my coil I marvel at Tesla the man!   Al.


I marvel at Tesla too.  But I would definitely NOT say that he is
light years of what we know today.  Rather I would say that he was
light years ahead of what was known by most folks 100 years ago;
that sort of thing.  I have found that the more one learns.... the more
one puts things in a proper perspective.

John Freau