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Hi all!

:)  I picked up another roll of film today.  I'll have to dig up
the "leaning tower of sundog" if I still have it (i believe so),
and snap a pic.  It was kinda ugly to begin with, but after the
most common mode of failure for me (big sparks, and fire), it got
disgustingly ugly.  Yeah, I got to either find it.  In the good
news, I avoided smokeing a coil tonight, but proved that a 2x9"
form *WILL* put off white hot streamers when pushed at ~2kva
  I also (barring Eckerds screwing up my film!!!) got a good shot
of "why not to touch a streamer"..AKA, a 2x4 on fire from the
output.  The camera was a snapshot, but the arcs had been hitting
the wood for maybe 2-3 seconds.  The streamers weren't that long,
but *very* hot.  The form in the pics is a 3x8 or something, the 2"
form died when I accidentally knocked it over and gouged out some
wires  :(  Not enough clearcoat on that one.

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>Original poster: "Metlicka Marc" <mystuffs-at-orwell-dot-net>
>well thank you for the vote of confidence terry, this is one time
>being bad is good?
>that "BIG BEN" pendulum you have there, just might be ?. must have
>a candle shortage after construction of that? i like the 10 ton
>compression clamp, million volt potential pressures? i went today
>gathered some shlutski's and am going to put together the IGTUSOA
>i'll send a pick as soon as finished.
>as you stated, if you can stand to put your name on it, it is
>so sundog, dust off the camera and get a pick. the "leaning tower
>sundog" sounds like a contender.
>it's fun to be proud of your failures,    marc