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RE: Shock House Update...

Hi Scot:
You said you are running three 15/30s for the first coil. You are only
getting 24-30" streamers with 90mA? Hmmm. My 60mA does that. And I know it
is not at peak tune.

As for cycling...we might have additional data from my coil too in a week or
Based on what I've been told, during the weekends before Halloween, about 20
patrons file into The Tesla Room every 60 seconds. The coil runs for about 5
seconds. Next...
and that cycle repeats for 5 hours on Friday (7PM to Midnight) and again on

But from Oct 25 to the 31st, the patron viewing throughput becomes closer to
every 30 seconds.
Last year about 30,000 went through in about 13-14 days. <whew>

Next challenge? An automatic gap cleaner based on timer in service!

Ted Rosenberg
Geek Group Member #1030
Because the Geek shall inherit the Earth!

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Hi All...

just wanted to let yall know about the current disposition of the coils im
running at the Shock House haunted house.

the smaller coil ( 8"x24" NST system) is doing well except for the spark gap
assy.  ( its the SD linear gap) the gap has a tendency to become "corroded"
and the spark output diminishes over time ...   the system is running on a
timer of 10 seconds on 30 seconds off....    it takes about 8 hours of
cycling time to start showing effects of the gap corrosion...    a simple
cleaning brings the system back to normal operation ... ( 24-30 " streamers)

the bigger coil ( 8"x32" polepig ) is doing quite well altho i did have a
small problem with the lower windings on the secondary heating up and
eventually having a break form in the wire at about the 3rd turn up from the
bottom ( 22 gauge wire is used on this secondary)  this coil is also on a
timer set for 12 secs on 45 off... when the timer kicks on the output is a
bit ragged sounding but i feel that as the spark gap heats a bit it causes
things to become smoother sounding ( a more steady buzz) output is still a
steady 6 - 7 feet off of 2 bumps on the toroid 180 degrees apart ( looks
really nice to see a total width of 12 feet of streamer )

ill keep yall updated as time goes on .....    this is a great test to see
how TC's hold up to several hours of cycling

Scot D