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Shock House Update...

Hi All...

just wanted to let yall know about the current disposition of the coils im
running at the Shock House haunted house.

the smaller coil ( 8"x24" NST system) is doing well except for the spark gap
assy.  ( its the SD linear gap) the gap has a tendency to become "corroded"
and the spark output diminishes over time ...   the system is running on a
timer of 10 seconds on 30 seconds off....    it takes about 8 hours of
cycling time to start showing effects of the gap corrosion...    a simple
cleaning brings the system back to normal operation ... ( 24-30 " streamers)

the bigger coil ( 8"x32" polepig ) is doing quite well altho i did have a
small problem with the lower windings on the secondary heating up and
eventually having a break form in the wire at about the 3rd turn up from the
bottom ( 22 gauge wire is used on this secondary)  this coil is also on a
timer set for 12 secs on 45 off... when the timer kicks on the output is a
bit ragged sounding but i feel that as the spark gap heats a bit it causes
things to become smoother sounding ( a more steady buzz) output is still a
steady 6 - 7 feet off of 2 bumps on the toroid 180 degrees apart ( looks
really nice to see a total width of 12 feet of streamer )

ill keep yall updated as time goes on .....    this is a great test to see
how TC's hold up to several hours of cycling

Scot D