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Re: maggie?

:)  It's prob'ly from me (the maggie freak!)  A normal TC has just
the primary and secondary, but the "maggie" refers to a TC setup
running a 3rd coil powered by the output of the secondary (line run
from the toroid of the secondary to the base of another secondary).
Wether or not they work better, I dunno.  Still working on that
(scope I fixed got fried tonight!).  The extra inductance is a plus
(a la John Freau's research), and the magnifier gets the big sparks
away from the tank circuit (mine seems to attack the primary a bit
too often).  Richard Hull and Bert Pool(sp?), have gotten
magnificent results from maggies, often getting huge sparks from
seemingly tiny coils.  Are they efficient?  Depends on the setup.
A "magical spark-length-increaser?"  Nope.  I'm still working and
was taking notes (the fried scope thingey), but it's a neat thing
to try.
Hope it helps!
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Subject: maggie?

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>Ok, I see the term "maggie" used alot. What is a maggie?