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RE: Magnifiers vs. normal TC's, was secondary wavelength

Tesla was an exceptionally brilliant man, and far ahead of his time much
like DaVinci. Had he been given the kind of money some scientists get for
projects these days there is no telling what he might have achieved. What
should have been his most productive years were instead spent scrounging for
 I don't think anyone can say he was not an innovator, pioneer and great
inventor/scientist. He should however be mainly honored not for what he did
at Colorado Springs, whether it was the actual 32' or the disputed 132', but
for his discoveries and inventions prior to that time, many of which the
scientist of his day did not understand or think significant (remote radio
control for instance)(these were the same bozos who earlier thought it
impossible to use AC to power a motor).
Of course 'lil Tommy Edison and others saw to it that he is pretty much left
out of the history books even for his achieviments in the development of ac
power transmission and conversion.
There is one thing Tesla mentioned in his notes (correct me if I'm wrong) we
don't know how to do with a Tesla coil. The formation of ball lightning, I
do not doubt he knew how, he thought they were a nuisance, imagine that. . .