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Re: How many pounds wire for winding this secondary?

Hi Garry,

        Referring to the old and honorable (780kB suitable for framing) chart

#28 enamle wire is 72.7 turns per inch.  30 inches is 2181 turns.  6 inches in
diameter gives 1.571 feet per turn so you have 1.571 x 2181 = 3426 feet of wire
plus about three.  Well say 3500 feet...

The chart says that 2067 feet of #28 weighs 1 pound.  So two pounds should do
it.  I checked with some other charts too and it basically agrees (no two
places make wire exactly the same).

So I would get at least two pounds.  You can always cut it shorter, but you
can't cut it longer ;-))


At 04:21 PM 10/1/2000 -0700, you wrote: 
> I am figuring on going to a 6" secondary wound area would be 30 inches of #28
> awg wire.
> Anyone know about how many pounds of wire this would be? I suspect somewhere
> between a pound and two pounds.