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arc length records: was Magnifiers vs. normal TC's, was secondary wavelength

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<< I may be reopening an old wounded myth, but no one has achieved 130 foot
 arcs.  This includes Dr. Tesla.  I think Richard Hull's analysis put the
 maximum arc length achieved at Colorado Springs at around 32 feet >>

Hi Terry, all,

I have always read that Tesla achieved 135 ft arcs at Colorado Springs in
1899 and I was just wondering if I had always "read wrong". I haven't yet
had a chance to read Richard's "CS Notes" and I wasn't yet a member of
this list last December (heck, I didn't even have a PC yet). I have read 
Margeret Chaney's "Man out of Time" and it states that Tesla attained
135 ft sparks. If I have been misinformed, someone please "set me strait".


Yes, I have seen the Model 13 on Bill's webpage, and it is indeed a 
sight to see. But, there is a bit of info on someone else's webpage that
makes claims in achievable spark length that considerably exceed 55'.
On D. C. Cox's webpage (Resonance Research Corporation), it states,
and I quote, "Tower resonant transformers with spark discharges 6 ft to 
75 ft (2m to 27m)" and "Twin tower 'dueling transformers' with spark dis-
charges to 120 ft. (44m)." Is Cox saying that he is capable of building a
coil with outputs of this magnitude for delivery (it would have to cost 
hundreds of thousands $$$), or is he saying that he has in fact already
built prototypes of these "towers" and can reproduce these devices in
fully functional status for delivery on demand? The web address is:
www.resonanceresearch-dot-com -- link to "products" and then to "resonance
(Tesla) transformers".

I was just wondering if you were aware of this info and if you thought it
would be indeed valid? Bill Wysock claims 55 ft sparks and indeed has the 
photo documentation to prove it! Dr. Resonance claims up to 120 ft. sparks,
but I have seen no documentation that proves that he has actually accom-
plished this (no offense to Mr. Cox intended). I was just going by what I 
have read and seen. Does anyone else have any insight into this issue??

Coilin' in Memphis, TN,
David Rieben