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Tesla...my 2 cents....

Personally.... I put Dr. Tesla on par with Socrates, Mozart, Newton,
Galileo, da Vinci, etc. A singular visionary genius. Vision is something
that is rare. I am talking genius grade vision. I don't know if we have
anyone like that alive today. We have mostly corporations who do the
"inventing" today, ala Edison. In Tesla's time, he hung with the heavy
weights, who do we have today to compare with the group he associated with,
but he was bored and disillusioned and I really think he lived his life the
way he did because he was so far beyond everyone else.  There are groups of
similar individuals who seem to appear throughout history. Florence in the
Renaissance, America in the revolution, and the time period in which Tesla
lived was like that and he was "IN with IN crowd". We all relate to Colorado
Springs and what he did there, but what would have happened if he had
completed Wardencliff? I am sure he could have achieved his objectives
relating to tapping into an energy source which, since we cannot seem to tap
it, must relegate to myth. So here we are haggling about Tesla coil theory.
Can any of you imagine what having this same discussion with Dr. Tesla would
be like? We pour over his limited writings looking for clues, how much did
he not write down, (how about those papers the FBI confiscated on the event
of his death... if you choose to believe those stories...I do...having
worked with the government) how many more ideas? We don't really seem to be
able, even now, to move past alternating current, nobody has come up with
anything better, do all of you think that is because it is the ultimate.
Tesla knew about solid state devices, he demonstrated understanding of them
in his time, even though he never saw a transistor or a diode. Sure there
are those who can do extremely complicated calculations, but they operate
only from knowledge they received, how much have they really moved beyond
that knowledge into uncharted territory. Most are afraid to go there and
take the chance of being ousted from their eliteist college educated
cliques. What would Tesla do with today's technology? All we're out for is
longer sparks, do you really think making longer sparks was what Tesla was
after, do you think he moved beyond that? He talked like he did, he talked
and wrote like he had thoughts beyond even what we have with today's
technology. How smug we are with our technology. He would be as far ahead of
us now as he was ahead of his peers in his day. He would take all the
technology we have today and expand on it 50 to 100 years into the
future..... just like he did in his time. Look...I like long sparks too, but
the main reason I build Tesla coils is because it is after all "Tesla's
coil". Funny how we still have the Tesla Coil, the Tesla turbine, what about
the Tesla Transformer, the Tesla Radio,  the Tesla Capacitor, the Tesla
electric motor, and all the other Tesla inventions which have dropped the
"Tesla"? Did you see that site where the school kids are selling t-shirts to
buy a bust of Tesla to put in the hall of inventors at the Smithsonian and
another at MIT? Overdue recognition. But no matter, I'll get off my soapbox
now, that's just what I think, in my own very humble opinion.........you
think whatever you want.
Steve R.

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> Hi Luc.  The fact is, is that Tesla is still the Man!  I am not
> downplaying the efforts of John, Antonio, Terry, Jim, Malcolm, Ross or
> anyone else on the list.  I am simply stating that there is not a one of
> us on this list, myself included, that have yet to acheive what Tesla did
> 100 years ago.  And that includes spark length and power output and
> efficiency of the magnifying coil.  It is easy to sit down at a pc and
> play with figures that someone worked with 100 years ago and improve upon
> his work.  But take away your pc's and what have you got?  PC's are
> nothing but brute force stupid instruments, and any programmer will admit
> this.  When you guys with all your pc's build a working Colorado Springs
> or  Wardenclyff model that works better than what Tesla did. I will
> humbly accept what you say.  But until then, the empirical work of Tesla
> has yet to be beat!  Keep on coiling!   AL.
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> > Original poster: "Luc" <ludev-at-videotron.ca>
> >
> > Hi Albert
> >
> > You could believe in a great man or you could believe in the fact ,
> > fact
> > that was verified by experimentation and measurement. Personally I
> > prefer
> > fact and I have a lot of respect for good experimental like John
> > Freau,
> > Antonio, Terry,  Kennan, Jim Lux, Malcoml, Ross, and many other on
> > this
> > list .
> >
> > Luc Benard
> >
> > Tesla list wrote:
> >
> > > Original poster: "Albert Hassick" <uncadoc-at-juno-dot-com>
> > >
> > > Hi John.   HUH, Did I just hear you say that Tesla, despite his
> > genius,
> > > didn't know that much?  You must be joking!  Tesla was light years
> > ahead
> > > of us!  He's the Man!  He took more to the grave with him than all
> > the
> > > members of this list have ever known!  Surely you jest!   Al.
> > >
> > > On Wed, 27 Sep 2000 11:57:15 -0600 "Tesla list" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> > > >
> > > > > That is where the REAL energy and output is.  Even
> > > > >  Tesla noted that the two coil system that most of us are
> > familiar
> > > > with
> > > > >  was very inefficient.  I want to hear from Tertiary builders!
> > > >
> > > > Al,
> > > >
> > > > I've never seen any evidence of greater energy, output, or
> > > > efficiency
> > > > using magnifiers with tertiary coils in my work.  This was
> > > > determined
> > > > by making careful comparisons of two coil and three coil
> > systems.
> > > > I don't know of anyone else who has made such direct
> > comparisons.
> > > > Compared to what is known about Tesla coils today, Tesla despite
> > > > his genius, didn't know that much.
> > > >
> > > > John Freau
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> >
> >
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