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Re: mmccalc with inputfile

Hi Finn and Gary,

	Has far as I can tell, John's text-input version of E-Tesla5 works fine.
I posted it at:



At 07:28 AM 9/26/2000 +0200, you wrote:
>You have come to the right person, --well sort of....
>I have a version of E-tesla that does that, but there is a catch.
>My brother John, who actually started the "make E-tesla faster" thing,
>made one version like that for me.
>But it calculates the wrong values. That is: the relationship btwn.
>numbers is correct, so it doesn`t show up on surface-plots made in
>But Terry said the numbers aren`t right. And John never managed to
>locate the bug.
>If you want it with this disclaimer, drop me a note.
>Cheers, Finn
>Tesla list wrote:
>> Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau-at-compaq-dot-com>
>> I have no comments about mmccalc, but I sure could use a version of Cetesla5
>> that takes parameters from an input file.  It sure is tedious just varying
>> one parameter and re-entering all the others over and over...
>> Regards, Gary Lau
>> Waltham, MA USA
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>>                 Original poster: "Finn Hammer" <f-hammer-at-post5.tele.dk>
>>                 Gang!
>>                 I always liked programs that had an input file better than
>> those that
>>                 keep asking the same questions over and over, so with a
>> weekend to kill,
>>                 I decided to join the "mess with Terry`s programs" club :-),
>> and see
>>                 what I could do.
>>                 I`ve not tried to program since 82, and at that time, I
>> could not see
>>                 any use for it, so I found a few "basic basic" texts on the
>> net, and
>>                 started out.
>>                 It is probably atrocious programming. For example, I found
>> no way to
>>                 disregard comments in the inputfile, so the program
>> dutyfully inputs
>>                 these strings, and does nothing with them. Someone with
>> better command
>>                 of basic is invited to set me straight, off list.
>>                 Other changes are that the program accomodates up to 40
>> strings with up
>>                 to 20 caps. This is usefull with low voltage, high breakrate
>> coils, that
>>                 tend to run the caps warmer. It also often makes the chosen
>> combination
>>                 flush out of the top of the dos box, so that the output file
>> must be
>>                 opened in notepad.
>>                 The program can be downloaded here:
>>                 http://www.wimshurst-dot-com/mmc-inputfile.zip
>>                 where it occupies 291 kB
>>                 Instructions in readme.txt
>>                 Comments?
>>                 Cheers, Finn Hammer